Albee is one of the latest brands to join the HBA portfolio. ALbee Professional™ is a concept created by Air Liquide to supply rental free cylinders to the market place to suit customer operational needs

Air Liquide’s portfolio of products and services is broad enough to meet the very different requirements of just about every branch of industry, engineering, science and technology. Their technical specialists work with customers to improve the efficiency of existing processes, meet customers’ new technological needs and develop applications to meet specific process requirements. Air Liquide UK has blue chip customers in a wide range of industry sectors.

In today’s competitive and constantly changing business and technological environments, it is the added value provided by suppliers that can make the vital difference. Added value in terms of technical support, service, flexibility, reliability and of efficiency improving ancillary services are key factors which Air Liquide UK delivers to its customer base.

Benefits of ALbee™

Saves You Money

  • No more rental bills
  • No more regulators to buy
  • No regulator maintenance
  • No wastage – On/Off lever avoids gas leaks

Saves You Time

  • Easy On/Off lever
  • Simple flow adjustor
  • Faster set up due to built in regulator


  • Shock absorbing guard protects the regulator
  • On/Off lever allows for a fast gas cut off
  • Clear On/Off positions

Fully Portable

  • Ergonomic cap – allows for easy carriage
  • ALbee™ cylinders are very compact
  • Easily portable – lighter than many other cylinders
  • Can be secured on-site

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